General Security Services

Retail Security Guards

SSG has a team of dedicated retail guards with years of experience working in the industry alongside supermarkets and big name retailers. Providing you with uniformed guards to cater to your security requirements, our static officers will act as your eyes and ears on your shop floor, giving your front of house a visual deterrent and your customers the view that your store is well protected. Working in conjunction with our loss prevention and profit improvement services, our retail guards will implement a seamless strategy that will keep your environment safe and your stock secure.

If you’re interested in our retail space guards, here is what’s involved with this tried and tested service:

o   Front of house protection

o   Visual deterrence

o   CCTV surveillance

o   Loss prevention

Our retail guards are available to you as a static solution, in the form of a store detective or as your front of house presence meaning they are the first and last thing your visitors see. Dramatically reducing the detrimental risks you face as a business that relies on daily continuity, our services will ensure your property is kept out of harm’s way while your stock remains safe and secure.

In the face of ever increasing retail crimes, there’s never been a more important time to get the protection you need and invest in long term security officers for your premises. Created to cut your financial losses due to crimes such as shoplifting and vandalism, by implementing static retail guards you will no longer be seen as an easy target.

Get in touch with SSG today and speak to our dedicated retail security division. With years of industry experience and the knowledge required to make your store a safer and more profitable place, there are endless reasons you can rely on a name like SSG. Don’t delay another minute, pick up the pone now or request a quote and we’ll take the simple steps towards a safer and more controlled retail environment for your business, staff and customers.

Store Detectives

Offering the ultimate protection when it comes to your retail business, discreet store detectives can take your security to the next level and provide your stock and staff with the protection it needs. Reducing your chances of becoming victim to theft, store detectives can seamlessly integrate themselves onto your store floor and be the much needed eyes and ears of your business. Understanding that you simply don’t have the time to monitor every single customer, here at SSG we can implement the following services to allow you to continue with business as usual:

o   Reduce stock theft

o   Detect and arrest shoplifters

o   Carry out end of day staff searches

o   Provide undercover detectives to blend in with your floor

o   Monitor your staff

o   Ensure appropriate till usage

o   Carry out statements, interviews and investigations

Moving around your floor without raising suspicion our unbeatable store detectives will blend in as just another customer whilst keeping a close eye on any suspects. Trained to deal with aggression and conflicting behavior, should the time come to make an arrest our personnel will do so in an efficient, subtle manner without drawing any unnecessary attention to your store. Liaising with the police our SSG detectives are even trained to take statements, carry out interviews and investigate any situations we come into contact with.

As unique individuals that have undergone extensive training our retail store detectives provide that extra level of security on top of your existing guards. Subject to vigorous training and assessments at our end, you can be sure that every single store detective we assign to a job is equipped to handle a multitude of scenarios in the best possible manner. Often working in conjunction with store managers and other security guards our store detective’s aim is to detect and arrest by roaming your floor undercover.  By doing so our store detectives can ensure no internal misdemeanor is occurring and that no members of the public are trying to make a getaway with your property.

So if you’re looking to go above and beyond a security guard and aren’t looking to provide that deterrent factor but want undercover personnel to catch any potential thieves red handed then hire store detectives with SSG today.

School and University Security

When it comes to educational institutes tackling security in an efficient and effective manner, it can pose a huge challenge. With both schools and especially universities encompassing a diverse range of people not to mention a vast variety of buildings from accommodation blocks through to libraries, you need a solution that has the flexibility to cater to a variety of situations. This is where SSG have devised the perfect university and school security service which offers all the following to guarantee your institute the level of protection it needs:

  • Controlling of access points to eliminate intruder risk
  • Onsite CCTV monitoring for a rapid reaction
  • Mobile patrols of campus and accommodation facilities
  • General maintenance services
  • Prevention and diffusing of volatile situations
  • Reduction of onsite theft and violence

Schools and in particular universities can be seen as small scale towns encompassing their very own communities, housing not only a vast number of students but a diverse range too and it’s imperative that we provide a service that respects this. Parcelled with this is the huge range of facilities onsite, which are often not only miles apart but also accessible 24 hours a day, which poses an even greater risk to your students. This is why here at SSG we not only provide mobile security patrols to cover your entire premises but supply dedicated university and school security guards to work around the clock.

With a vibrant atmosphere which is often subject to late night activities, schools and universities are home to a range of situations which will need our attention. From brawls, vandalism to bullying we have the proactive approach that will ensure your students, visitors, parents and staff are reassured your institute is a secure environment. With an abundance of expensive and specialist equipment onsite not to mention the personal belongings of your students, you need to have the correct measures in place to ensure these remain safe.

If you’re looking to hire security for universities or security for schools you know who to call. 


Corporate business is an ever-growing sector and, to match the growth of profits and employees, security measures also need to be stepped up. With many years of experience in delivering security to corporate clients, we have a wealth of knowledge to provide a variety of solutions for your business.

As with any industry, manpower is a necessary part of a successful business. That’s why professional security guards are a fundamental aspect of our company, fully vetted and licensed to the highest of standards. First aid trained, our officers can also provide dual roles – from undertaking security duties to fulfilling administration responsibilities. Whether your business needs long or short term cover, we can provide corporate security on a flexible basis in the following areas:

  • Crime Prevention and CCTV Maintenance
  • Concierge and Reception Duties
  • Access Point Control
  • Access Control and Alarm Response
  • Static and Mobile Guarding
  • Emergency Planning and Evacuation Procedure

We provide our clients with a plethora of facilities, suitable for any industry and environment. Our guards are always dressed in uniform, helping provide your company with a professional image whilst reassuring your employees of our security presence. Talk to SSG about your corporate security needs, and enable the experts to help keep you safe and secure.

Concierge Security

Here at SSG we’re not just about meeting your traditional security demands, which is why we offer a concierge security solution unique to your front of house needs. From restaurants to hotels, we want to ensure that you get the most out of the service you’re paying for.  We understand that we are representing not only our company but your establishment too, which is why we combine our unrivalled guarding capabilities with an unrivalled level of customer service.

  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Telephony duties
  • Monitoring access to your premise
  • Offering assistance and assurance to visitors
  • Diffusing any unwanted situations
  • Meeting and greeting your clients with a professional image
  • Alternative formal guard clothing on request

These days it’s all about cutting costs so why would you hire security guards and separate concierge personnel when here at SSG we integrate these services into one professional, efficient and approachable employee? With a high customer focus behind our concierge service, all of our guards have the communication and advisory skills which go hand in hand with their security training and qualifications. We understand that your establishment can’t be without a specific level of protection but equally it can’t be without that customer service element, which is why by investing in SSG you’re investing in one service which conveniently combines both. Only our concierge security guards offer that approachable face to welcome all of your guests, whilst also having the skillset to subtly diffuse any undesirable situations which may threaten the comfortable and respectable environment of your establishment.

If you want to hire concierge security get in touch with SSG today and start enjoying front of house supervision with a difference. 

Reception Security

First impressions are everything and when it comes to your organization. It is imperative that you’ve taken all the measures you can to ensure yours is a positive one. With our unbeatable reception security, we can help you create the right impression the first time around, when it matters most by offering the following services:

  • Onsite CCTV monitoring for a rapid reaction
  • In/out booking and identification of visitors
  • Bag searches
  • Package signing
  • Telephony duties
  • Friendly meet and greet service
  • On request tailored clothing for guards

It may only be the smallest of details, but this first impression will have a long lasting influence on the way not only outsiders but those within your organisation view your company as a whole. Our fully trained security personnel will ensure your reception area is warm, welcoming and friendly so that any visitors to your premise feel relaxed and comfortable from the moment they step foot through the door.

Monitoring the access of employees, contractors and any other visitors who have reason for being within your premise, our reception security services can maintain logs, issue badges, and inspect packages and bags to ensure you’re at minimum risk from unwanted intruders. Aside from ensuring the security aspect of your building our reception security officers have superb customer service skills, so even if it’s just a friendly smile you need or that approachable point of information for your guests, our employees will do your reputation proud.

We understand that it’s not just our company, but your company that our reception security staff are representing, which is why we insist that our employees are always impeccably dressed so that we not only act the part but look the part on your behalf too. In addition to our own professional security uniform we can, upon request also wear specific attire that portrays your organisation’s image.

If you’re looking to hire reception security guards that give you and your guests the assurance that your organisation has a secure and relaxed environment then simply get in touch with SSG today. 

Office Security

As the first point of contact for not only your staff but the general public, those who you employ to look after your front office has a huge impact on your business as a whole. This is why here at SSG we combine unbeatable office security guards with the following services to ensure you have a safe, secure and comfortable environment:

  • Onsite CCTV monitoring for a rapid reaction to intruders
  • Monitor your access points
  • Diffuse threatening situations
  • Ability to integrate personalised services into your contract
  • Provide a welcoming atmosphere for guests
  • Ensure a safe workplace for your personnel
  • Alternative tailored clothing for professional guard image

Becoming part of your team our security officers will often have the most contact with everyone who enters your building, which not only means they need great customer skills but also means they have to deal with a variety of circumstances. Whether you have unruly, abusive intruders who are trying to force their way through your access points or you have a lost, confused visitor who needs assistance, our office security guards have the capability to handle a host of situations.

Understanding that security is a huge part of keeping everything surrounding your office safe, from expensive equipment to invaluable customer data, we know how important it is that we keep your premise secure at all times, especially out of office hours when you’re most vulnerable. By doing this we help you avoid any reputation or financial damage or both to your office.

With our office security measures not only can we ensure your material assets are covered but perhaps more importantly we’ll maintain that feeling of comfort your employees need every day in their workplace. Ensuring this peace of mind whilst giving you the opportunity to create a personalised service which can integrate added extras on your request, from telephony duties to general maintenance, when you choose SSG you get a service dedicated to your exact needs.

By hiring office security guards with SSG today we can give your workplace that level of protection and welcoming atmosphere that makes your environment that enjoyable and safe place to be.

Hotel Security

The hospitality sector is one of the most demanding areas of business. With hotel standards subject to constant scrutiny it’s imperative that you have nothing less than the best when it comes to your hotel security. As a sector which relies heavily on reputation alone just one lapse in your security could have a detrimental effect on your status and therefore your future business.

This is why here at SSG we have supreme hotel security services to provide your guests with the comfort, customer service and protection they expect by offering the following services:

  • Onsite CCTV monitoring for a rapid reaction
  • Ensuring the comfortable environment your guests expect
  • Controlling access points
  • Mobile patrols of your site
  • Secure baggage handling
  • Alternative tailored guard clothing to uphold a professional image

With the opportunity for crime often more apparent surrounding hotel premises considering many are located in thriving city centers, criminals won’t be afraid to capitalise on your guests or property if you have insufficient security in place. From the protection of your guests’ belongings to car park patrols to deviate car theft, all of our fully trained and vetted hotel security guards are equipped to combat these threats.

With existing experience with leading hotel chains we deliver the best service possible to ensure your guests the peace of mind they’re after. The last concern on your guests’ minds will be whether they can trust that their left luggage will remain intact, or that their room won’t be broken into. They‘ll want to put their complete trust in your service so they can enjoy the comfortable and relaxing experience they’re paying for.

Delivering not only a proactive and efficient solution our hotel security staff put customer service at the forefront of their agenda. In addition to keeping your guests safe we know it’s paramount that we offer a warm face to each and every one of your guests. This combined with a helpful and approachable persona means that our security officers are so much more than a regular guard. We can be the front of house you need to make that right first impression and can even integrate a whole host of extra services tailored to your needs so you can make the most out of our time.

Keep your reputation intact and hire hotel security guards with SSG and enjoy professional protection with the welcoming touch that makes all the difference.


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